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It is interesting to note that on election day there was 5.4% unemployment under George Bush, which I repeatedly heard democrats refer to as "the worst unemployment since the Great Depression".  In 1996 when Clinton was running for re-election the unemployment rate was 5.5% which Clinton was described as being euphoric over, as were his minions.  Add to this the fact that the government interviews only about 4,000 companies to produce their unemployment numbers and there is really a stark difference.  When an employee leaves one of these companies, and is not hired by another on the list, he is counted as unemployed.  Many jobs under Clinton, like the .com jobs, and the telecommunications balloon, consisted of little more than hot air, as we later learned.  The employment rate under Bush, however, does not even include the legions that lost or left their jobs at the companies on the list after the Clinton/Greenspan bubble burst.  Many of these started their own businesses, and perhaps hired others from the list.  However these working people are still counted as unemployed and thus are counted as part of the 5.4%.  And this is the worst employment situation since the Great Depression?  Does it look that way where you live?  Are you seeing a lot of bread lines?