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Music and Culture
 I recently read someone who wrote that music that a group listens to in their teen years defines the kind of behavior and attitudes the group will have as they mature.  I sincerely hope that is not the case because my kids listen to music that is largely violence centered about rape, murder, police beating (both ways), torture, death, destruction, defaming and or killing authority figures, with musicians competing for off-color and blasphemous themes.  Recently my kids came home from "Buzz Bake Sale", an annual concert event in Palm Beach that runs for 12 hours from noon on.  The crowd is so tightly packed that music becomes secondary to survival because of kids crowd surfing.  If you watch the music instead of the space overhead you are likely to get a knee in the back of the head or an elbow to the temple from a person overhead being propelled along by the arms of concert goers.  The mosh pit is also popular where the larger "hooligans" collect in an area and spin like whirling dirvishes with their elbows or fists out hoping to blacken and bloody somebody else while at the same time hoping to be bloodied and blackened in return, so they can display their blood to show that they spent time in the pit.  I found that the most disturbing part was when they told me that when a drummer tosses a drumstick out into the crowd, and a person catches it fairly, all of the people around him will dive on him and the stick will be fought over until the "fittest" among them recovers it.  I would suggest that this behavior says a lot about mutual respect and how they will eventually relate to contractural obligation.  There are also many among my kids peers that want to go over to Iraq perhaps not so much to help the Iraqi people, as much as to "kick ass".

My generation's music was about peace, love, promiscuous sex in relationships, and drugs, with a distinct overriding theme of selfishness.  While I think that peace was more or less an accident, the rehab clinics and divorce rate confirm the sex and drug part of it, and the stock market bubble and belief in "a free lunch", accompanied by a stupendous credit bubble, and housing bubble, absolutely confirm the selfish theme.

By contrast, my parent's music was defined by lively dance music and love songs such as "When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes".  The war that they fought was perhaps the most conspicuous battle between good and evil in world history.  They enjoyed a low divorce rate and a low rate of fiat money creation so leverage, greed, and get-rich-quick schemes were quickly and efficiently punished and corrected through the market cycle, while conservative savers were rewarded.