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Kerry Presidency
What would be the possible advantages and disadvantages of a Kerry Presidency?
1.  The party that is most responsible for virtually all of the ills that the U.S. faces will have had them land squarely on its shoulders where they belong.
2.  The benefit of four years of absolute comic relief via the "trailer trash mouth" on Thresa Heinz Kerry, insulting foreign dignitaries and committing other gaffs, might have been fun.
3.  Perhaps the biggest contribution, and the one that I believe is the whole reason that a person of such character could be elected president, would have been a smooth transition to global government and "cooperation" confirming the end of the age, and the subsequent Battle of Armageddon and eventual return of Jesus Christ to rule and reign on earth for 1000 years.  Kerry's presidency might have involved a cabinet populated with the likes of Dashle, Bonier, Schumer,  in cabinet positions, Hillary Clinton on the Supreme Court with Bill Clinton perhaps heading up the U.N.
Disadvantages might include:
1.  Without question reinstitution of the draft, not only because Charlie Rangel already floated a bill calling for it, but because our soldiers who are in harms way would have been reluctant to serve under a "commander in chief" who got himself out of Vietnam in 4 months, according to one doctor, by what appeared to be a self inflicted wound involving a 1/8"x 1-2 mm metal shard, removed with tweezers, for which he put his own name in for a purple heart, in spite of the fact that there was no enemy fire let alone enemy present.  Denied the award once, he had to apply again after a transfer under another CO.  Our troops likely would have been reluctant to have "re-uped" or reinlisted in an army run by a powder puff, hair focused "chief" ruled by political expediency.  Kerry would have decimated the military in the same fashion as Clinton, and Carter.  He would have little doubt also had us fight under the U.N. flag.
2.  Millions more children would have been killed in part through the reinstitution of partial-birth abortion and open floodgates regarding fetal stem cell "research".
3.  Millions of children may have been manufactured for slaughter in the continuing abject failure of fetal stem cell experimentation, in spite of the thousands of cures that have resulted from adult, and umbillical, stem cell use, compared to only rejection and tumors being the result of the use of fetal stem cells with absolutely NO SUCCESS WHATSOEVER.
4.  Further empowerment of trial lawyers like Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, who fattened his own bank account to the tune of 15-60 million dollars using creative approches to frivilous litigation involving blaming OBGYNs for cerebral paulsey.
Since Kerry scored most highly with young people it should come as no surprise that these kids brains will not be fully developed until sometime between the ages of 22 and 26.
One thing I was confident of, and perhaps the only reason for my sanity in the face of such an amazing and clear cut election season, is that God is in control of everything.