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I have, however, updated a few charts, and the debt clock page is semi-current. I might touch a bit on the politics page.

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U.S. Debt chart
Debt interest with Fed funds, T-bill, 5 yr
Annual deficit by the month
Debt to income
Household debt
Debt in 5 sectors
Debt vs M3
U.S. debt 1950 projected to 2015
U.S. debt 1950 projected to 2079

M3 1959-2004 and part year 2005
Historical M3
M3 vs Industrial Production
M3 1995 to 2024
M3 1959 to 2079

Trade gap
Fed funds rate
Control of House of Representatives
Control of Senate

Medicare prescription drug spending chart of CBO projections
Drug spending projected to 2043
Drug spending CBO table projected out 75 years
Drug spending adjusted for M3
Drug spending adjusted for M3 projected out 75 years

CPI (Consumer price index)
Hershey bar index
M3 vs sales prices of new and existing homes
9-11 photos and clock

Microsoft Excel Worksheet