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Dear Slim Fast:
 I am surprised that you would use a person to represent your product of the apparent low moral character that Whoopie Goldberg displayed at RCMH. I should think it would be easy for you to do much better than this. As long as she is your spokesperson, and without a public apology from your company, I will be sure not to use any of your product.
August 2, 2004
Thank you for contacting us recently about our use of Whoopi Goldberg, specifically regarding her remarks made at the recent fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall. The manner in which Ms. Goldberg chose to express her personal beliefs at this event do not reflect the views and values of Slim·Fast.
Slim·Fast selected Whoopi Goldberg as its spokesperson because of her commitment to losing weight, which we applaud.
We are disappointed by the manner in which Ms. Goldberg chose to express herself and sincerely regret that her recent remarks offended you. Advertisements featuring Ms. Goldberg will no longer be on air.
We appreciate you sharing your views with us and we hope you will continue to  use Slim·Fast as your partner in healthy weight management.
Thank you very much for your reply concerning my complaint regarding the use of Whoopie Goldberg to represent your company.  It is nice to know that Slim Fast has more integrity than to use a person who expresses herself in the fashion in which Ms. Goldberg did at the Kerry/Edwards fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall, attended by both candidates, who apparently approved based on what I learned about their reactions.  I will do everything I can to encourage the use of your products.  Thank you again for being a stand-up company in the face of such a steadily degenerating society.