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The Clinton Presidential Center
Who could argue that the Clinton Presidential Center will go down in history as a unique example of 21st century architecture, however that being said, it may still leave a few of us scratching our heads.  The most common comparison I have heard is that "it looks like a trailer", a clear reference to a single-wide mobile home.....hmmmm.....
Now the Clinton Center
I have heard many descriptions of what this controversial structure appears to look like, some less wholesome than others, but I have yet to hear anybody, except the Clinton Center site itself, accuse it of being " harmony with its natural surroundings....", and I don't expect to anytime soon.  To help those that may be a little more architecturally challenged here's a picture of Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Water", one of the most important architects and works in history, and best known for being "in harmony with it's natural surroundings", vs Clinton Center......
Clinton Center

Maybe this was the picture they had in mind when they accused the Clinton Center of being "in harmony with its natural surroundings".....

Clinton Center
Hmmmm,  For someone to suggest that the Clinton Center is "in harmony with its natural surroundings", smacks suspiciously of something that one of the taylors might have told the Emperor as they wove his imaginary clothes.  "Ahhh .... President Clinton ..... you'll be the envy of the world I tell you ...... yes ..... in harmony ..... with nature ..... Clinton .... nature ....".  I wonder if perhaps Polshek, one of the architects, may have been a little more prophetic than he intended when he stated "This kind of commission only happens once in a lifetime,...".  
"Its design was inspired by President Clinton's commitment to build a bridge to the 21st century."  Well, if you look at it just right......maybe it really does look like a bridge.  Personally, I don't believe I would have selected a bridge design whose closest cousin is the historical American antique covered bridge for, at least high-tech connection to, the 21st century.
Clinton Center
There's little doubt that as some families drive down the road, from a distance, the Clinton Library may appear to be an amusement ride.  Maybe this will produce some desirable "curb appeal" to kids.  I read one poster who suggested that were it a ride it could be called "The Monica".  Then again, perhaps there are some similarities between the Clinton Center and an Airstream trailer, except for the Center's somewhat boxier lines.
For me, personally, the image I have the hardest time shaking is that of it looking like a classic American diner ..........ON A STICK!
Clinton Center

Clinton Center
Maybe this is perhaps just a teensy bit of poetic justice for a person who set off on a mission of self-engrandisement, possibly blinded by self-adoration, perhaps funded in part by criminal spoils, and wound up with not necessarily what he wanted, but what he deserved.  Personally I don't believe I have ever witnessed a more succinct real-life embodiment of the fable "The Emperor's New Clothes".  Especially if the Center was peddled as "being in harmony with its natural surroundings".  
Referred to in media buzz at the dedication as "Bubba's Bookstore", the Center's similarity to the single-wide trailer would seem consistent with Clinton's only true and lasting legacy, which was to teach an entire generation of U.S. "trailer park" kids that having certain kinds of sex, is not really having sex at all!  You would think that a man, that so disgraced the Office of the President of the United States, and proved to be so destructive to a generation of young people, would choose to skulk off into the shadows of obscurity hoping never to be noticed again.  Not Clinton who seems shameless to the end.  Instead, he would rather establish a permanent record of, not to mention enshrine, his malfeasance in his attempt to rewrite history by installing a fraudulent substitute "legacy".  This might have worked, and perhaps did work for some, maybe 30 years ago.  Fortunately today we live in an information age which will instead ever-increasingly expose his transparent efforts, it would seem, to portray himself and Hillary as something other than what they are and were.
Even the dedication was telling.  The main soundbite that the media reported was when Clinton said that he was supposed to have talked to a little girl whose welfare mom had gone back to work.  He claimed that the little girl said, "Now when someone asks me what my mom does I have something to tell them".  While I am happy that the woman is off welfare, the statement was quite Hillaryesque in the dissing of moms that choose to stay at home and raise their children, presumably because we can depend on the State, or Hillary's "global village" to do that for us, and moms should all be out in the workplace to "earn" "respect".
While I understand that they refuse to release the records as to where all of the money to build the library came from, when you add in the appearance that some funding perhaps came, perhaps indirectly, from Clinton pardoned criminals like Marc Rich (also possibly implicated in Iraq "food for oil" laundry) via his x-wife.  And when we consider Clinton's true legacy, need we wonder why he received what he deserved?  Was it any surprise that Al Franken's photo graced the homepage of the website, or that he was featured during dedication week?