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It is important to offer your money as effectively as you can.  Donating to causes that return just the legal minimum to the recipient while fattening the organization with the majority of funds is irresponsible.  "It concerns the Attorney General of Illinois who went after a phony fundraiser that claimed to collect funds to give shelter to homeless war veterans. It turned out that 3 cents of every dollar went to some kind of social service for veterans. The rest went into the pockets of the organization."  

Why give to organizations that have high paid CEOs with fat retirement packages, especially when some organizations exist solely to dole out funds to other organizations.  United Way CEO for example makes over $500,000 per year.  More click here.  Some United Way chapters pulled funding for Boy Scouts because some BSA chapters/parents prefer not to entrust kids to openly gay scoutmasters.  The whole point is the word "united" meaning that you donate to all of the organizations they support in a scattergun approach to your gift allocation.  Some business employees may be coerced into "donating" by intimidating corporate "go along to get along" tactics, to win a race, or get a public mention.  Is this the kind of organization you want to donate to?  Especially if some of the organizations they give money to you wouldn't, while others you would, all the while fattening their CEOs wallets.  What about accounting questions at United Way?  

Why not donate to the individual charities in your own chosen allocation and cut out the middleman?  There are several organizations that qualify charities.  The ECFA was organized over an 18 month period beginning in 1979 by 150 ministries and is an excellent place to go to for charity evaluation.


While funds given to NGOs such as activist animal rights, environmental or wildlife groups are deductible, these organizations can't even pass the laugh test for any traditional definition of "charity" when you consider the human suffering going on in the world today, especially when policies such as "roadless" national forests are promoted by radical environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club that will result in even more overfueled forests resulting in more out of control wildfires, that have killed citizens and destroyed property, perhaps while causing the direct and indirect deaths of forest firefighters.  Other "environmentally" driven policies that these organizations support have killed millions, worldwide, from a resurgence of malaria due in large part to the ban on DDT.


The Salvation Army is always an excellent choice to donate to, that wastes very little of their funding on their organization.  They are often first on the scene when disaster strikes.  Even the head of The Salvation only makes a few hundred dollars per month and is provided modest housing.  Employees have taken this vow of poverty because they are committed to a cause, as opposed to working for wages.

If you otherwise think that perhaps sending money to the areas affected by Katrina may be a little premature, in light of the billions of your tax dollars that the government is and will be pouring in chaotically, with politicians climbing all over each other to see how much of YOUR money THEY can throw at the problem, here's a way to support seriously effected people from the area, that had PREVIOUSLY been supporting REALLY poor people through Compassion International before Katrina, and now find that their relationship with the child that they sponsor is jeopardized because the sponsor has temporarily lost everything.  These folks were ALREADY helping poor people that were a LITTLE worse off than themselves, before the hurricane.  Hit the link to Compassion International and scroll down to "Hurricane Katrina Sponsor Assistance Fund".


 Below are links to some excellent charities and organizations.  If you have found this site to be at all useful and wish to demonstrate your support, please donate to one or more of the following organizations.

Compassion International offers an opportunity to sponsor a child in a distress situation, throughout the world.  Corresponding with the sponsored child will also give you an opportunity to teach your children first-hand about the joy brought, to the donor and to the recipient, from charitable acts.  You can make a huge, and personal, difference in a child's life for $28 per month by sponsoring a child, of your choice if you wish.  You can alternatively give to the Compassion general fund under "where most needed".

Voice of the Martyrs -  "Theresia Morangke, 15, Yarni Sambue, 15, and Alfita Poliwo, 17, were all decapitated and their heads found in bags on the steps of a church and along the road to a police station with the message, 'We will murder 100 more Christian teenagers and their heads will be presented as presents.'"

The Salvation Army has of course worked for many years in the rehabilitation of persons and entire families that are down on their luck whether through drug addition or simply through job loss and related homelessness.  They are always first on the scene to provide disaster relief in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The Gideons International was founded in 1899 and has been spreading Bibles around the world ever since.  You may have noticed one in your hotel room at some point.  "The Gideons International is placing and distributing more than 59,000,000 Scriptures worldwide. To God be the glory! This averages one million copies of the Word of God placed every seven days, or 112 per minute!"

The ACLJ, or American Center for Law and Justice, with Jay Sekulow, works tirelessly to represent Christian causes in the courtroom, including the Supreme Court.  I don't believe Seckulow has lost a case against the ACLU.

National right to life is the main site of the pro-life contingent and represents the 51% pro-life majority of American women.


FIJA, the Fully Informed Jury Association site will help prepare you for the awesome responsibility of jury duty.  It is here that you will understand that you should not follow a judges instructions in regard to a law, if you believe that his instructions or the law is immoral, or even illogical.  If a brave jury had not ignored a judges instructions, and passed judgment against illogical and immoral instructions and law, and in favor of a defendant, we might still be burning witches today.

Congressman Ron Paul is perhaps the most well versed member of Congress when it comes to what has gone wrong with our government/country today.  Read a few of his speeches to get a feel of what proper Constitutional governance is all about.

American Decency Association

Judicial Watch suing for information regarding malfeasance from either side of the isle, recently "outed" (involving a 4 year effort) the Clinton state department's responsibility.

The New American is a news source that I rely on heavily because they actually go out and investigate and report on stories rather than simply parroting the New York Times, which is a regurgitation of the AP wire service, with a boatload of their bias thrown in, which makes it biased times two.  The search function on the New American's home page will turn up intriguing articles on subjects as diverse as OKC bombing, global warming, social issues, McCarthyism, and even diversity itself.

If you have children at an age where they or their peers may be sexually active you absolutely must show them the terrific videos by Pam Stenzel before they ruin their lives.  One of the videos was produced for public school viewing titled "Time to Wait for Sex" or the Christian version titled "Sex Has a Price Tag".  If you have grown children, and you simply care about the kids in your neighborhood buy one and take it to your local school principle.  One in four sexually active teens are carrying STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) many of which have no symptoms.  Pregnant teenagers are found to have an average of 2.5 STDs each.  As a baby, Pam Stenzel was a botched abortion survivor.

Accuracy in Media name speaks for itself.

Grandfather Economic Report is a site that I found while constructing mine and I link to it frequently.