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 Open Letter to the People and the Government of The Commonwealth of the Bahamas

 Preface for non-Bahamians:  
Bahamian citizens have no income, sales, property, capital gains, social security, medical, death or business taxes.  Their very limited government is funded with taxes such as title transfer fees, license fees, import duties, stamp taxes, and other indirect taxes, similar to our only constitutional taxes in the U.S., prior to 1913.  The Bahamas is very friendly to foreign investment and investors.  They have a reasonable workers compensation system. When Bahamians buy property, build a house or a business, or accumulate other assets, they and their heirs own what they produce permanently, in good times and bad their government has no claim to their property or income.  In a depression they would still have their house, thus food would be their only concern because property is only taxed at the time of title transfer.  Their young take care of their elderly the way families did in the U.S. before Roosevelt, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Bush and other liberals took over this responsibility by creating the great Nanny State that our once-proud, now-dependent, culture suffers under the weight of, today.  It is no surprise that ever-increasing numbers of young mothers and fathers in the global Babylon now consider their parents, and their children, to be the responsibility of the State.

 Hurricane Katrina update (bookmark).  I was in the Bahamians during Katrina and the New Orleans levy breech, and had an opportunity on the following Friday to speak to some regarding their relative treatment of hurricanes in the Bahamas.  The folks I spoke with know for a fact that they can depend on their government for:  barely for information about the approach of a storm, not at all in regard to preparing for, weathering, or cleaning up after, whether personal or your neighborhood.  When they have one of these events everyone just pitches in and does what they can for their communities, their parents and for themselves.  The result?  Little to no casualties in storms, and folks putting other folks up until they can rebuild, without expectation of government (extorted funds from other nationals as in the U.S.) aid.  This of course further reinforces a close sense of community.

Update regarding the change of government of the Bahamas.


As a citizen of the U.S. I have enjoyed trips to the Bahamas for over 25 years.  I am writing because over the last few years I have become increasingly concerned about the "global community's" demands on the Bahamian Government to sacrifice the freedom, liberty, and independence of the Bahamian people, on the alter of Global Socialism.  The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is perhaps the last country on earth whose citizens are treated with dignity and respect by their government, and who live in nearly complete freedom.  It is no surprise that Bahamian citizens take their freedom for granted, since there has been so little loss thereof, it is of little note.  On the other hand, as a citizen of the United States I have witnessed continuous erosion of my country's founding principles and subsequent enslavement of our people, principally through income taxation.   If a U.S. citizen willfully fails to file a tax return they are subject to being imprisoned.  So it is easy for me to see, feel, and smell the freedom, as well as the national acceptance of personal responsibility and true religious freedom, each time I arrive on Bahamian shores.  


The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development), which seems little more than a Marxist globalist think-tank, devoted to global socialism and attendant wealth redistribution, finds it convenient to portray the Bahamian Government as somehow being "criminal".  They indicate this simply because the Bahamas once offered citizens of other countries access to enjoy the same physical and financial freedoms and privacy, that are afforded to the citizens of the Bahamas.  The last thing that the global socialist community can afford, is a country that shines as a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world, exhibiting the advantage that appropriate limited governance, and absence of direct taxation, facilitates.  The primary focus of the claim of criminality is so called "money laundering".  It has consistently been in the best interests of the Global Socialist State to continue to wage, and loose, the so called "war on drugs" because claims of money laundering are all that offers it an opportunity to intervene in the otherwise private business of autonomous States and free peoples.

I was saddened when the Bahamas folded under pressure by the OECD and made changes to their banking and other laws, even to the extent of helping to enforce laws of other countries that are not even law in the Bahamas.  This unfortunately resulted in almost immediate destruction in the Bahamian financial services industry.  Perhaps we can presume that the OECD is a champion of Marxism because it worked so well in the former Soviet Union, and continues to enjoy such great success in evermore productive, Cuba and Vietnam.  Examples of the failures of socialism are so prevalent and conspicuous that the obvious goal of the OECD is clearly not to bring up the downtrodden, but to be a prime participant in future oppression and domination on a global scale, seizing power to enthrone itself as one of earth's future masters.  The end result will, of course, be the squandering and drying up capital, while eliminating incentive to produce, on a global scale.


One of the main tenants of Marxism is, "from each according to his means, to each according to his need".  Laughably the OECD refers to forced socialism/communism as "peer pressure" implying that the governments of the Socialist Slave States of the world are somehow peers of the government of the free peoples of The Commonwealth of the Bahamas.  The Bahamas can teach all of these socialist countries a lesson on how to treat their citizens.  All these States can offer the Bahamas in return is misery, internal distrust, and governmental oppression.  The Bahamas was not alone in buckling under OECD pressure, as other small countries feared the threatened exclusion from economic participation in the global socialist community as well.  It is clear that countries that resist, like the British Virgin Islands, are rewarded by wildly increased foreign participation in their financial and other business sectors.


It appears that the next demand on the Bahamas will be to change their system of taxation.  Duties and other taxes, such as taxes or fees on sales of real estate, license fees, etc., that fund the limited government of the Bahamas, are also the only taxes that were constitutional in the United States.  In other words Bahamians live under taxes similar to U.S. constitutional taxes while U.S. citizens live under a Marxist redistributionist income tax scheme.  The goal of the global community is not to make Bahamian taxes globally "fair" as they may claim.  The goal is to force the Bahamian Government to enslave its citizens with direct income, business and property taxes, forcing government to enter the private lives and businesses of its citizens at every level while necessitating a massive bureaucracy to accomplish this goal.  At the same time citizens would be enslaved to produce and provide paperwork and money to the satisfaction of their government-master or risk imprisonment.  The OECD refers to this as "tax transparency".  Ultimately, the only way to enforce these taxes is through the threat of loss of property, and imprisonment, both of which are burdens that we are subject to suffering here in the United States.  This is why the only direct taxes that were constitutional in the U.S., were required to be apportioned, related to population alone, not based on how much somebody made or owned.  Taxes that threaten title to our property are also unconstitutional.  No taxes were constitutional that would allow the government to stick its nose into our personal business.  The ultimate goal of these global despots is to give their governments the ability to intrude into every privacy that Bahamians enjoy today, and ultimately to force redistribution of Bahamian wealth to poorer nations of the world, with an ever shrinking promise of prosperity for all.  There will be no end to the addiction to the heroin of a Global Nanny State, or to the demands that it will make, in exchange for Bahamian's freedom.  The Bahamas has already received its first "fix".


It should be of no surprise that in the document OECD/GAP001 entitled "Principles of Good Tax Administration", the first sentence after the introduction reads "The main role of tax authorities is to ensure compliance with tax laws".  In the Bahamas, the main role of tax authorities is simply to receive taxes.  Compliance is not an issue since the brokers who receive goods at the borders, and assess duties, are employed to do so, and have no personal interest in not applying their service uniformly.  If a broker were to deviate from standard practices he would risk loosing his license and thereby his livelihood.  Bahamian citizens are not enslaved by being forced to produce paperwork for their government or face prison.  Current Bahamian taxation helps to highlight the evil nature of this 9-page OECD document detailing "best practices" toward global slavery.


Even as the global community demands that the Bahamas end duties and tariffs and enslave her people with direct taxes, these same Socialist States are in the beginning stages of a trade war themselves, and have been imposing fines and duties and tariffs on each other's goods, left and right.


In 1913, after "amending" our constitution, the Democrat Congress under Woodrow Wilson passed our income tax law, which was Marxist from it's inception, taxing only the wealthy.  Today the top 5% of U.S. taxpayers pay 52% of income taxes, while the bottom 50% of tax filers provide only 6% of total tax revenues, which clearly demonstrates the same spirit.  Earlier attempts were made to impose income taxes, but Congress found that income tax was unconstitutional and therefore illegal.  It was also characterized in Congress as a tax that would "punish the honest and favor the rascals".  The IRS of today is proof that once begun, even on a temporary basis, these taxes and attendant bureaucracies take on a life of their own.  Today in the U.S. the IRS has the legal power to take everything that we own, literally down to our underwear and shoes, while physically imprisoning us as well.


Our forefathers considered ownership of private property to be perhaps the second most important right to protect, eclipsed only by the right to worship in a place of our choosing.  Today, because of the power exercised by the government to tax property, it effectively owns all property.  If a homeowner can't afford to pay the property taxes their house will be sold and they will be put out in the street.  Even if, for example, a resident leaves the country for a couple of years, and forgets or fails to send their property tax payments, they will return to find their home occupied by its new "owner" (government tenant/taxpayer).  If a resident simply changes their address, and does not receive a tax bill at their new address, perhaps on another piece of property that they own, and if they otherwise forget to pay the tax, they will loose the land to the government.  Thus, in the U.S., we effectively rent all real property from our government.


If the Commonwealth of the Bahamas caves in to the demands of "The New World Order" it will become just another voiceless, dependent, possession, of the global socialist/communist Nanny State.

It was clear after Hurricane Floyd, that the increasing number of citizens from the U.S. who know and love the Bahamas, and helped out selflessly after the storm, are with you.  It also became clear that your government did not need the offered "aid" from our government and refused it, wisely judging that there would be strings attached.  

Preservation of freedom historically comes at a high price.  I pray for God's guidance for the people and especially the leaders of the Bahamas that they may choose the rocky road of freedom.  It seems hardly likely that governments around the world would limit their citizen's access to your country, the way the U.S. does in the case of Cuba.  It would be difficult, at best, for them to argue that the Bahamian people are simply too free to allow U.S. citizens to be exposed them.  Is it likely that U.S. investment would slow down as a result of your maintenance of freedom and privacy?  On the contrary, this is the one of the reasons for the explosive growth of the Bahamas in the recent past. The loss of the Bahamian financial sector to other jurisdictions which have not caved in to the OECD should be reason enough to stop playing ball with this non-government Marxist "think tank".  The Bahamas is not isolated and lies closely to her friends, the American people, to the West.

 The Bahamas must now make a choice to either sacrifice her independence, or seize the opportunity to gain ever more U.S. and global investors and freedom seekers.  It is her duty to stand up to, and decry, the communist global tyrants, and it is no doubt God's will.  If the Bahamas chooses the easy road, the world may loose its last example of a free people, and genuine freedom may go the way of the Caribe Indians.  The Bahamas is at a crossroads and must now decide between maintaining freedom and liberty, or introducing tyranny and oppression at the hands of her would-be global masters.  
I'll conclude with a quote by Johann W. Goethe:  "None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe that they are free."