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 As I remember the change of legal adulthood from 21 years of age being reduced to 18 years of age was around 1970.  The only argument I can remember in favor of the switch was that if a young person was old enough to be sent off to war at 18 he should be old enough to vote, even though they never had been considered adult enough in previous wars.  Moreover what has been expected and required of 18 year olds has been in a multi-decade/multi-century decline, not advance.  Further, since the 60s this 18 to 21 year old group has been increasingly more dependent on their parents than perhaps at any other time in world history.  Therefore a better argument would have been for the age of adulthood to have been raised rather than lowered.  Of course the liberal/Marxist academia/media elite was all in favor of the switch because liberal politicians have always been dependent on voters who allow others to think for them, or have diminished intellectual capacity, or simply want something for nothing.  If you have doubts try watching MTV or HBO or other networks that cater to this age group during an election season when they really get the liberal propaganda/disinformation machine cranked up.  

An 18 year old can be depended on to have the maturity and capacity to follow a superior's instructions without questioning,  to be trained to shoot a gun to kill other soldiers, and to otherwise break things and cause general mayhem during a time of war.  What does this have to do with their having the maturity or intellectual capacity to vote?  Or to be responsible enough to take on and service debt?  Or even to be depended on to exercise common sense in their decision-making?  Of course the answer is that they don't have the capacity, as evidenced by the need to raise the legal drinking age back up to 21.  If you doubt their lack of maturity check some "real TV" shows that cater to this age demographic.  

Complications also arise when they go off to college.  While parents may be paying transportation, room, board, tuition and other expenses, they are not allowed acess to their kids grades, because the child is an adult!  Does this make sense?

Increasing credit default in this age group during the upcoming housing collapse and a continuing financial bear market in stocks will eventually result in the 18 to 21 year old group being considered non-creditworthy as well.  However this default rate will also be the result of our national moral decline, since most debtors today view their debt as their creditors sole risk, rather than accepting their lifetime moral responsiblity for repayment regardless of the circumstances.  Credit being irresponsibly extended to non-creditworthy clients will also offer yet another excuse for people to justify walking away from their debts.  Ultimately, conservative savers (depositors/taxpayers) will be fleeced to cover the shortfalls.  The new bankruptcy laws make it so banks can be even less vigilant about who they extend credit to.

One of the most unfortunate consequences of viewing 18 year olds as adults has been that this group considers themselves to be adults, resulting in gross self-overestimation which is particularly dangerous when combined with their schools adding false perceptions of "self-esteem".  Sixteen year olds argue that since they will be adults in a couple of years anyway they should be able to do adult things now especially if they perceive that they are more mature than their peers.

The lowering of the age of adulthood has certainly been a boon for parents who are indifferent as to the safety and future of their children, since parents can shed responsibility for the acts of their children from the age of 18 now, rather than at 21 as in the past.  While we consider 18-21 year olds too immature to drink, when these immature kids get drunk and kill others with a vehicle the parents are no longer responsible for their kid's actions.

Since I wrote this page I discovered a number of articles that suggest that our brains are not fully developed until the age of somewhere between 21 and 26, which makes perfect sense to most adults through observation.

Where is the legal age of consent heading?  The reduction of the age of majority will help the U.N. in its continuing campaign to deconstruct the family and make children wards of the global State.